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More For Filmmakers Ep.2

How is Nova Vento different from other distributors?

We’re glad you asked. This is often the first question we are asked on the phone or in person at almost every introductory meeting and it is a fair one. Let’s go through some of the ways the Nova Vento is different:

We only work with independents.

At this point we have a rich history of working with independent films and we only work with independent films. Independent films are more than just self-financed products. There is more to it than that. Indies are often works of passion, embody someone’s greatest creative desire and often means that they have worked endlessly for months or years. These are the films that we like. Beautiful little films that deserve to be seen on the big screen.

We market regionally or locally.

Larger distributors will typically do a national roll-out. You don’t want to compete with a national roll-out and neither do we. Rather, we prefer to do regional roll-outs a week or so apart so that reviews can carry over and the distribution mechanism can be strategized more efficiently. Sometimes we will opt for a LA/NY release and then expand from there but again, it depends on the film and the program.

We work with independent theaters and independent theater chains.

To be completely honest, it doesn’t mean that we won’t work with AMC, Regal, Cinemark, since we do meet with them and they do review our movies but our focus is generally independent theaters and independent theater chains. Independent theaters have their own challenges and we prefer to interface with theater owners so that we can understand their pain points as well.

And that’s what is important, a film needs to work for everyone and when it does it can be a really fun experience. We don’t all like the same kinds of films but as a filmmaker and distributor, I hope we all love the craft and challenge of story telling with our modern methods.

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