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Announcing Marcus Trevor Bovee II – Director of Theatrical Sales

We are happy to announce the official addition of Marcus Bovee to the team at Nova Vento Entertainment as the Director of Theatrical Sales. Marcus has been instrumental in the placement of our latest feature The Year of the Dog and hopefully will be placing films for a long time to come. If you know him then you know that some people will insist that you place the words “The Legendary” in front of his name, and if you read his bio then you will see why.

For over forty years, Marcus Trevor Bovee II has been engaged in the motion picture industry. For the first decade of his career, Marcus was a theatre operations director for flagship theatres in New York City, Boston and Los Angeles. In 1987, Marcus answered the call to serve in the United States Army and Army Reserve as a General Construction Equipment Operator. He would eventually return to a Mechanized Infantry unit in the California Army National Guard. In the 1990’s Marcus started a career in domestic theatrical distribution with the Samuel Goldwyn Company. After a very short period at Goldwyn, he joined the sales team at Universal Pictures where until 1998, sales of first run and legacy studio titles were the focus of Marcus’s function at the studio. In 1998 Marcus moved to the studios of Twentieth Century-Fox, where he oversaw the fulfillment of the 35mm theatrical print inventory as well as managed the lion-share of Bel Air circuit needs and various academy and guild print needs. 

In 2001, Marcus returned to the sales team at Universal Pictures and was responsible for theatrical sales to the independent and regional circuits in the states of Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada. In 2011 he was key in the creation of NBCUniversal’s ABILITIES NETWORK@NBCU, driving the creation of the first ever internal corporate diversity initiative focused on ways to provide a better company ambassadorship to the disAbled. Over multiple decades at the studios Marcus was associated with the release of over 430 features with a combined domestic box office gross of over $20.8 Billion.

Since leaving Universal Pictures, Marcus has focused his passion and creativity on his vision of an innovative content advertising, marketing and sales collaborative nonprofit platform, Impact Releasing. (IR) Impact Releasing is occupying the landscape of traditional theatrical and digital content services. Marcus is also developing forward-thinking business practices to lead in the development of niche, socially driven Event Cinema. Impact Releasing’s current socially focused program VetFlicks (IR/VF) has already created a tremendous presence in the area of content and events about, by, or from the perspectives and life experiences of Veterans and First Responders. Impact Releasing / VetFlicks (IR/VF) also cultivates a culture that will help create exceptionally well made content that continues to preserve the stories of our heroes. Marcus continues to build upon years of cultivating solid and dependable relationships with theater owners, virtual event cinema platforms, a multitude of state and regional organizations, and trade associations such as NATO, the National Association of Theater Owners and MPAA, Motion Picture Association of America.

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