Who is Nova Vento


We are a full service production and theatrical distribution company. With an innovative, new approach to theatrical release, Nova Vento has been able to build a new system that creates a bridge between filmmakers and exhibitors. This has allowed us to remove some of the previous burdens and constraints that have held independent filmmakers back from success in the box office.


We are also a full service production studio. This allows us to work with filmmakers from as early as idea or script all the way through production and into theaters. Our long term vision can help filmmakers understand their audience, ticket sales, sponsorships and more from the very first steps. This ensures that filmmakers are not only creating stories but that they understand more about what it takes to be a both a creative and financial success.


A film by Nova Vento

Somewhere in Montana is our latest film in production.  Starring Graham McTavish, you can find more information by clicking below.