Nova Vento Entertainment

Now Accepting Pitches from Montana Filmmakers

We are currently accepting pitches for low budget films from Montana Filmmakers in the following genres:

  • Western
  • Action
  • Science Fiction
  • Horror
  • Native
  • Christmas

Nova Vento is working with an existing digital distributor to create a slate of low budget films from the State of Montana. These are films wholly owned by the partner distributor, however any theatrical runs will be governed by Nova Vento Entertainment’s basic distribution agreement. So, while you may not see a lot of money from one of these projects, you can legitimately get a film made, have it distributed, and it might show up in theaters.

Named actors are not required!


  • Finished film 80-90 minutes+
  • Signed clearances (actors, locations, music)
  • Music cue sheet
  • Dialogue cue sheet
  • Sound mix (stereo or 5.1)
  • DM&E

Terms and Conditions

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